Van Landschoot, taking care of your dreams.

Since 1925, Van Landschoot is a close-knit family company that supplies quality products at affordable prices. Our hunger for progress inspires us to work day and night to expand and to make our company stronger.

We consider the quality of your sleep important, and we have a solution for every sleep problem. We have been taking care of your dreams for more than ninety years with our wide range of mattresses and box springs, not forgetting our pillows and bedding.


Our dealers prefer Van Landschoot because...

There is a whole team behind your mattress or box spring. Van Landschoot is not just a supplier or manufacturer; we are a partner who thinks with you. Only the best is good enough.

100% Belgian

Every Van Landschoot product carries the Made in Belgium label. Do you have to pay more for that? No! Every day we prove that it is possible to produce products in Belgium while still offering our customers surprisingly competitive prices.

Impeccable quality

At Van Landschoot, we do everything in-house, and that allows us to be vigilant at every stage of the production process. No raw material or finished product escapes the strict demands we make on both our products and ourselves.

Quick delivery periods

We can deliver matrasses, slatted bases and box springs within fifteen working days. We develop many of our raw materials ourselves, and that makes it easy to switch between multiple orders.

Response to queries

Are you a dealer, and need an answer to a technical or purchasing query? Our colleagues in the internal sales office will provide professional answers quickly. And thanks to our automated order system, you can follow up the progress of your orders at any time.

We have presence in all regions

Experienced representatives are ready to help distributors in any region. A regular contact will call on you to explain our latest collections.

In-house transport service

Our in-house transport service delivers our mattresses and box springs right to our dealers. All our drivers take great care to keep up our quality and service standards. They are not only very able drivers, but also product specialists.

Internal marketing department

We have our own marketing team – unique in the sector! - put our mattresses, box springs and accessories in your showroom with professional campaigns and powerful offers

Compose your bed online

Van Landschoot is a one-stop sleep shop. You can find your mattress, pillows, and box spring or slatted base at one address. You can put your ideal sleeping combination together digitally, with our brand new configurator.

Our story


The very beginning: Willem Van Landschoot started a business, in Maldegem, that supplied wool, fabrics and cord for wool mattress production.


During World War II, Willem was forced to shut down his activities. But he was not idle, and he soon made a name for himself. He already had knowledge about the raw materials, and his expertise on techniques and fillings grew steadily. In 1945, he started producing his own mattresses. The matrass factory was born!


Time for the second generation Simona, Willem's daughter, took over running the company with her husband, Etienne De Coninck. They expanded the wool mattress production, and the firm became a reference business in the sector.


William's grandsons, Simona and Etienne's two sons, took up the reins. Under Luc and Guy De Coninck's leadership, the woollen fillings gradually gave way to polyether mattresses. And shortly after that, they introduced the pocket spring.


To allow offering customers a complete concept and expanding the range to include slatted bases and box springs, the brothers took over the firm New Hermat in Beaumont, Wallonia. Twelve years later, in 2000, we totally rebuilt and renovated the New Hermat factory to meet the growing demand for the latest technical requirements.


The fourth generation joined the firm: Rowany and Dennis De Coninck, Luc's children, concentrated their efforts on the company.


Van Landschoot celebrated its 90th anniversary, and launched the "Tradition" collection, a respectful reference to the firm's early days.


Van Landschoot is a strong company that continues to be innovative and progressive. Currently, a number of investments are driving an extensive facelift on the head office and associated production halls, and that will ensure, once again, that Van Landschoot is one of the most modern producers in the sector.
This family company has guaranteed sleeping comfort for over 90 years, and it does not intend to change that anytime soon.

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