What is a box spring?

A box spring comprises an upholstered bed base on legs, with one or two mattress layers on top.

The bed base or box contains hundreds of coil springs, worked in over the entire area of the bed. They provide even support over the entire sleeping surface, and thus stability. No matter where you lie, every zone of the bed offers equal comfort. That is different from a slatted base, for example, on which only the central area is bendable and thus springy.

The simplest set is a box spring base and a classic mattress. You simply choose a mattress based on your comfort requirements (anti-bacterial, extra ventilation, double mattress or two singles, etc.) and you are ready in no time. You may hear rumours that a spring mattress is the best option on a box spring, so that the springs work together to ensure an extremely high level of support. But a quality foam mattress will give sufficient support to maintain a good sleeping posture. Our advice will assist you through choosing your personal preferences.

When the finished bed comprises two mattresses, the first one is finished in the same colour as the bed base and headboard. That upholstered mattress has a sturdy construction and has ergonomic zones for extra support. The second is a thin, top mattress that offers supple sleeping comfort and features such as extra ventilation capacity, anti-allergic qualities, etc. These extra technologies cannot be integrated into the upholstered mattress. The trend for box springs with two mattress layers on top comes from Scandinavia, and is often the preferred choice from an aesthetic point of view.

To finish the look perfectly, a box spring should have matching headboard (optional). And you can complete the bedroom with accessories, e.g. bedside cabinets, storage boxes, etc.

Why choose a box spring?

Maximum support

The combination of hundreds of springs integrated over the entire area of the bed and a system of configured mattress layers offers maximum support in any position and with every movement, and does that all through the night. And that is very important for avoiding physical complaints such as back, neck or shoulder pain.


Besides offering support, the springs offer vital ventilation. The space between the coils allows continuous airflow. That is very good for temperature regulation, but also for your health and the bed's lifespan!

Comfort getting in and out of bed

You will never get out of the wrong side of the bed again! A box spring is a little higher than a 'regular' bed. And that means it is easy to get in and out.

Two mattresses but one sleeping surface

An upper layer covering the two base mattresses creates a single sleeping surface on your box spring. No more uninviting creases dividing your bed in two, now you can lie snuggly against each other. And if you are a single sleeper, you do not have to choose a side anymore; you can even lie right in the middle!

Size mattress

You find box springs in a variety of formats under the title 'mattress size'. Some people opt for standard sizes, while others want a roomier model. And that is no problem, because box springs are available in sizes up to 2 m wide and 2.20 m long.

Your design

Would you like to compose a Van Landschoot box spring to suit your own taste? Now you can! Choose your very own combination of style, colour, fabric, legs, etc. Your dealer will be happy to help.

Long-term investment

You do not buy a new bed every week. And that is why you should see it as a long-term investment. Although a little more expensive to purchase, you will guarantee yourself 20 years of sleeping pleasure by buying a box spring. And a high quality mattress will last an average of ten years if well maintained. A topper mattress will last a little less long, an average of three to five years.


A box spring is ideal for integrating electrical systems for adjusting bed position. And that offers you unprecedented comfort, even when sitting upright in your bed.

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